Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Goodwill is committed to offering a variety of life-enriching opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Our programs engage those we serve in skill training and job placement activities as well as recreational and educational options. All of Goodwill’s programs are designed to help individuals find personal fulfillment and obtain vocational success.

Job Placements and Training Services

  • The work site support staff at Goodwill offers assistance with training for job seekers with disabilities, as well as assistance learning public transportation, negotiating accommodations for disabilities, and continuing workplace education. Goodwill also offers career development services to help those undecided or unexperienced job seekers explore career opportunities, try new jobs on a short term basis and shadow for jobs they may wish to choose.

County Board Sponsored Services

  • Goodwill and the┬áCounty Boards of Developmental Disabilities help disabled individuals access local activities of their choosing, including Concerts, Zoos, Museums, and King’s Island, through their Community Access Program. The Community Living Support Program offers assistance in every day in-home disability assistance for activities such as money management, laundry and housekeeping, nutrition and scheduling. Other supports are also available if needed.

Supported Employment

  • The highly accredited job coaches at Goodwill can assist those living with disabilities to find and keep long-term employment. In addition to training and transportation assistance, Goodwill advocate for on behalf of people with disabilities to ensure employers accommodate their individual needs.