Rayder Gross – Celebrating Employment Success!

Rayder Gross Employment Success

Rayder Gross Employment Success

Rayder has been working successfully at Wendy’s in Oxford since November of 2017. Rayder is a very friendly person and is easy to talk to. He is very helpful and will stop what he is doing to assist someone if they are in need. This is evident by his past history of volunteering with Habitat for Humanity with building projects when opportunities are available and his schedule allows.

Rayder was interested in finding a position that would be the right fit for him. Thanks to the effort and perseverance of Rayder and his support team, he was able to find a position near his home that fit his skill set and laid the foundation to be successful.

To find this job at Wendy’s Rayder worked with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities and Goodwill’s Employment Specialist, Christina McCann. He also worked with Goodwill’s Job Coach, Jennifer Williams, to learn his new job tasks and develop a routine that would help him reach the goal of working independently. Rayder and Butler County Board of DD came together to fund supports for Follow Along coaching which are in place to assist Rayder with maintaining his employment through regular “check-ins” by his Job Coach.

Outside of work Rayder enjoys seeing movies, going out to eat (especially at Buffalo Wild Wings), going to church with his mother, and playing video games. When asked about his job at Wendy’s Rayder stated, “I like my job, and I have gotten a raise for doing such a good job.” Rayder’s manager told his Job Coach, “Rayder is a great worker when he is focused, and he is an important member of the team.”