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Important Questions to Ask Before Donating This Holiday Season

The season of giving is upon us, and many people are planning on making year-end donations to charitable organizations. But no matter if you give your money, time, or gently-used goods, you’ll want to be sure your donation makes an impact and helps people in need. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to ensure your charitable donations do the most good this season:

Are you donating to a certified non-profit organization?

Many organizations that accept donations of clothing and gently-used goods are actually for-profit companies. Unlike for-profit firms, which operate to generate revenue for stockholders, non-profit organizations are solely motivated to fulfill their mission. Before donating, research the organization to verify that it is certified 501(c)3 charitable agency. You can use online resources such as CharityNavigator or GuideStar to find out if the charity you want to donate to is a trusted non-profit.

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What is the mission of the organization? Do they support a cause you believe in?

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we love to share how we use donations to make a difference in the communities we serve! We’re driven by our mission to change lives through the power of work. Through the sale of donated goods in our network of retail stores, we raise money to support job training and employment services for people with disabilities and homeless veterans right here in Greater Cincinnati. Unfortunately, not all charitable organizations are as transparent about how they use donations. Be sure the organizations you choose to support have a meaningful cause that you can get behind!Goodwill's cycle of success logo

How will your donation be used?

It’s also important to know how the charity will use your donation. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, the donations we receive play an essential role in our ability to help people in need. We strive to maximize the value of all donated items we receive. Items that meet our standards for safety and quality are sold at affordable prices in our retail stores. The revenue raised from the resale of donated goods supports Goodwill’s life-changing programs and services for individuals facing barriers to employment.

Even when Ohio Valley Goodwill receives donations that we cannot sell in our retail stores, we work with local recycling partners to maximize their value and prevent the clogging of our local landfills. Each year, the collective recycling efforts of Goodwill organizations divert millions of pounds of recyclable and reusable materials from landfills, helping to keep our planet beautiful. When you give to Goodwill, you can feel confident knowing that your donation will be used to make a lasting positive impact in your community and beyond.

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You help us make a difference!

Not only will donating your clothing and household goods to Goodwill help you declutter and start fresh for the New Year, but a donation at the end of the year may also qualify you for a tax deduction! Whether you support Ohio Valley Goodwill by donating or shopping, it all adds up to a better future for people living in our community. As you prepare to celebrate the holiday season, we encourage you to carefully research the charities you plan to support and donate wisely! View a list of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s donation sites and donate today!