Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Put Goodwill to Work for Your Business and Save

As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with the concept of outsourcing to improve productivity and reduce costs. However, there are so many other reasons business choose to outsource routine tasks such as kitting, fulfillment packaging, and assembly services to third-party providers.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, our outsourcing services help business owners like you save valuable time and money so you can continue growing your business. The same logistics operation that underlies Goodwill’s successful retail stores also allows us to provide quality, large-scale B2B services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana.

Our dependable, experienced labor force provides local businesses with quick turnaround projects to help them stay focused and profitable. And unlike some outsourcing providers, our production process at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries is fueled by human intelligence. This enables our skilled workers to change direction at the drop of a hat, a quality unmatched by robotics. We work within your budget to provide short-term or long-term solutions for a variety of industrial needs including assembly services, shrink wrapping, order fulfillment, packaging, kitting, and much more.

Most importantly, businesses which partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill also support our mission to serve individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment in the community. Our Industrial Services Division gives people the opportunity to earn a living through work that’s meaningful to them. So, not only will your business benefit from the time-saving and cost-reduction of outsourcing, but your partnership with our Industrial Services Division ultimately provides countless benefits to individuals in the Greater Cincinnati community.

Put Goodwill to work for your business! We’re happy to help you find customized solutions for your business needs. To learn more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division, or to receive a free tour of our facilities, contact us today.