Paul Hampton

Paul Hampton was involved in Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Work Adjustment program but his goal was to do everything he could to get another job in the community. He credits Goodwill with helping him obtain his job and supporting his success. Paul is also an advocate and volunteers his time to come out and talk with other individuals served by Goodwill who are thinking about community employment but may have some concerns. He shares his own very positive experiences and encourages others to pursue their dreams. Paul was kind enough to share his story with Goodwill on video as part of the “Goodwill Snapshots” effort which will feature three new stories each quarter throughout 2013. Goodwill congratulates Paul on his on-going success and extends our gratitude for his willingness to motivate others. The following is Paul’s story:

“My name is Paul Hampton. I am working at Smoking Bones. Goodwill helped me when I was at my lowest. I was laid off after two years of working at Mercy St. Maris at Hunter Captain Road. Goodwill came in and helped me get a job in the community. I work very hard.

Thanks to their program, they have really helped me get along. Skills I didn’t know I didn’t have. I thought I had but I got re-evaluated. And, most points, if you work with them, you can accomplish any feat or any dream for that matter, thanks to the special support of the people you know around here. And the facilitators can really help you get a job in the community.”