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"Ohio Valley Goodwill's Outreach Team Talks to Students!"

L to R: Dave Miller, teacher and host, Tim Wissel, advocate (rear), Katie Wietmarschen, Prog Mgr, Erin Riga, teacher, and LaShonda Brady, advocate(front) On Tuesday, April 6th, members of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Community Outreach team provided an overview of the organization’s programs and services to a group of students and teachers from West Side Montessori High School. Goodwill’s team was asked to visit the school to talk with students about the many programs and services that Goodwill can offer. Marketing Specialist, Sharon Hannon, along with Katie Wietmarschen, Community Preparation Program Manager and advocates Tim Wissel and LaShonda Brady explained how Goodwill can help individuals to learn about the world of work and to get jobs in the community. The West Side Montessori students seemed to enjoy the multi-faceted presentation which included a discussion of the Community Preparation aspects of the program as well as personal testimonials about the quality of the program from Tim and LaShonda. All students were cordially invited to come to Ohio Valley Goodwill’s headquarters for a tour in the future. “At Goodwill, we think it’s important to provide as much community outreach as possible about our programs and services and especially to students who are preparing to move into the world of work,” said Hannon, Goodwill Marketing Specialist. To find out more about community presentations, please contact Sharon Hannon at 771-4800, ext.6364.