Ohio Valley Goodwill Welcomes New HCDDS Superintendent Leia Snyder for Tour and Introductory Meeting


Leia Snyder, HCDDS

Leia Snyder, HCDDS Superintendent

On Tuesday, February 23rd, Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to welcome new Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS) Superintendent, Leia Snyder. Ms. Snyder started her new role at the end of 2020, upon the retirement of former Superintendent, Alice Pavey. During her introductory visit, Ms. Snyder received a comprehensive tour of Goodwill’s programs and services and was able to learn about the organization’s award-winning Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education (CARE) program, its Employment and Coaching services, Computer Technology and Assistive Technology program as well as services for our nation’s Veterans and others challenged with homelessness. In addition, Goodwill’s Work Training area was toured and all of the safety and health protocols put in place to ensure the safety of everyone served were explained. Ms. Snyder was also provided an overview of the organization’s donation processing building and the various work opportunities offered within that setting. Health Services Director, Theresa Clifton, RN, provided an overview of the medical support services available to program participants to ensure their health and safety and her cooperative relationships with families and service provider agencies.

Leia Snyder, HCDDS Superintendent with Theresa Clifton, RN

L to R: Mark Leugers, Leia Snyder, Joe Byrum, Lisa Scheider

L to R: Mark Leugers, Leia Snyder, HCDDS Superintendent, Joe Byrum, CEO and Lisa Schneider,

The extensive tour was then followed by an introductory meeting facilitated by President and CEO, Joe Byrum along with Steve Koons, VP of Rehabilitation Services; Lisa Schneider, Asst. Director of DD Services as well as Mark Leugers, Employment Services Manager and Travis Smith, Job Coach Manager. “Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to welcome Ms. Snyder to her new role and looks forward to a close collaborative partnership in the coming years,” said Joe Byrum, President and CEO.

Prior to being appointed as the new Superintendent for HCDDS, Snyder served as the Superintendent for Ross County Board of DD and prior to that, was a Quality Assurance Director for Butler County Board of DD. Ohio Valley Goodwill looks forward to working with Ms. Snyder in her role as HCDDS Superintendent in support of our mutual efforts to serve individuals with developmental disabilities.  We are grateful for her important visit to Ohio Valley Goodwill and welcome her to the Hamilton County community.

Leia Snyder, HCDDS Superintendent with Lois Kramer, CARE Supervisor

Leia Snyder, HCDDS Superintendent with Lois Kramer, CARE Supervisor