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Ohio Valley Goodwill Welcomes Guests from US Department of State’s International Leadership Program!

Pictured are Song Song, Jenny Qi and Hannah Zhang with Sharon Hannon, Goodwill.

Pictured are Song Song, Jenny Qi and Hannah Zhang with Sharon Hannon, Goodwill.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s corporate headquarters in the village of Woodlawn was the host location for three guests visiting from China under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership program. Honored guests  included Song Song, Secretary General, China Intellectual and Developmental Disability Network,  Hannah Hong Zhang, Director Song of Solomon Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Center  and  Xiaomeng “Jenny” Qi, Researcher, Zhicheng Public Interest Law Firm. The guests were accompanied by an interpreter and displayed great interest while engaged in the comprehensive tour of the organization’s programs and services for people with disabilities.

Goodwill Marketing Manager, Sharon Hannon, provided an overview of the organization’s award-winning programs including the Center for Advocacy, Recreation, and Education, (CARE), Employment, Evaluation, Skill Training, Job Coaching, Veteran’s services, Work Adjustment as well as the different business lines that support the organization’s mission including its retail stores. The hour long tour was followed by a detailed discussion of how Goodwill works with its referral sources to offer programs and services to individuals with disabilities and how it works towards obtaining the overall goal of community employment.

The guests were very impressed by the size of the organization and the number of individuals served in its many programs. The interpreter who accompanied the distinguished guests remarked laughingly, that even she was surprised by the scope of Goodwill’s services even though she had been familiar with the organization’s network of stores. The guests are visiting a number of different programs in the Greater Cincinnati area to learn more about best practices of creating inclusive communities and access to employment for people with disabilities.

Ohio Valley Goodwill was pleased to welcome our honored guests from the People’s Republic of China during their fact-finding visit to the United States.