Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Ohio Valley Goodwill Puts Up Big Numbers in 2014

Capture Ad Council (2)The numbers for Ohio Valley Goodwill’s community impact in 2014 are in. Here is the headline, ” Goodwill Does Great Good!” We helped over 3,000 individuals in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana with employment and training services. We served over 750 veterans, many of them homeless. We recycled more than 43 million pounds of material, which would likely have ended up in a landfill without the efforts of our 29 attended donation centers across the region.

All of these efforts are in service of our enduring mission:

Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries strives in an ever-improving mode to be the leader in quality and effectiveness of vocational, educational, social and human services in the State of Ohio.

So, what was the total impact of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s efforts in 2014? Our services saved over $8.9 million dollars in government assistance. The mark of a truly successful non-profit, however, is the dividends its work pays. The total economic impact of Ohio Valley Goodwill on the Cincinnati region was over $72 million dollars.

That may seem like an inconceivable amount of savings, but it is only the tip of the iceberg when we talk about the good done by Goodwill. The true value of our work is immeasurable, because it is contained in the smiles and expressions of gratitude that we receive from the hundreds of men, women and children we have assisted over the last year.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is now headed into its 100th year of operation. Our team is stronger than ever, and our resolve is unshakable as we prepare to make the next century of Goodwill even more incredible than the last. Thank you for your efforts over the last year. Every bit of effort from our supporters made this possible. We look forward to continuing our mission of service throughout 2014.