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Ohio Valley Goodwill Hosts “People for DD Services” Meeting in preparation for official 2014 Levy Kick-Off!

people for DD services logoOhio Valley Goodwill was delighted to host the 2014 Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, “People for DD Services”  levy campaign committee at its corporate headquarters on Wednesday, February 19th. The assembled group represented large and  small provider agencies  that partner with the Board to provide  services to individuals and families in Hamilton County. This team will work with the “People for DD Services” campaign to get the word out about the  upcoming election in May and the importance of voting “Yes” to support the levy  which provides more than 72% of the funding needed to serve almost 10,000 families in Hamilton County. While the official kick-off celebration of the 2014 Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services Levy campaign will take place on Monday, March 3rd, the Levy committee meeting offered the chance to get the supporters ready for the community outreach effort that will be taking place over the next few months.

Goodwill’s support of the 2014 HCDDS Levy campaign is multi-faceted and many aspects have already been implemented. The organization has been promoting levy support through tags on its current TV commercials as well as promoting passage on the electronic billboard in front of its corporate headquarters since February. In addition, Goodwill will be helping coordinate the levy sign distribution effort through 8 of its retail store locations- Beechmont, Tri-County, Cheviot, Harrison, Loveland, Montgomery, Mt. Washington and Oakley- which will take place the week of March 10th.

In addition, the organization will host a Voter Registration drive in three of its Goodwill store locations, Oakley, Cheviot, and Tri-County, on Saturday, March 22nd from 1:00-4:00 pm. Members of the Goodwill Service Guild, will be the volunteers coordinating this part of the community outreach effort in cooperation with the organization’s marketing team. Goodwill marketing and program team members will also be supporting advocates served by Hamilton County DD Services in providing presentations to community groups as to the importance of passing the levy and the relevance that it has in their personal lives.

As election day gets closer, Goodwill will host “Honk and Waves” at both its Tri-County and Westwood locations and will have volunteer poll workers at voting locations on May 6th to help promote passage of the Levy. The 2014 HCDDS Levy provides 72% of the operating funds for the next 5 years and helps the Board serve almost 10,000 individuals and families in Hamilton County. One of the ways that interested supporters can stay informed about the 2014 HCDDS Levy campaign is to “Like” their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PeopleForDDServices.

Please remember to VOTE “YES” on May 6th in support of Hamilton County DD Services and the thousands of individuals they serve. Ohio Valley Goodwill is a proud partner of HCDDS and offers programs to more than 700 individuals through our on-going collaboration of more than 25 years. There’s still time to join Goodwill in supporting Hamilton County DD Services by attending the 2014 Levy Kick-Off Party on Monday, March 3rd at Sharonville Convention Center. RSVP to: Beth Luensman, 8041 Hosbrook Road, Suite 330, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236.

Thank You Greater Cincinnati for your support of Hamilton County DD Services and voting YES on May 6th!Levy Kick-Off_n