Ohio Valley Goodwill Honored as 2019 Provider of the Year by Clermont DD!

Ohio Valley Goodwill team members were pleased and honored to learn that the organization had been singled out for recognition as the 2019 “Provider of the Year” during the Good Fortune Recognition Dinner hosted by long-time partner, Clermont County Board of Developmental Disabilities, held on October 24th. The “Good Fortune” Recognition Dinner is presented by Clermont DD as an opportunity to honor providers, advocates, self-advocates, employees, foster parents, volunteers, business partners and community leaders. The award was one of the first announced during the evening’s program and came as a wonderful surprise to the Goodwill team members in attendance. Accepting on behalf of Ohio Valley Goodwill was Lisa Schneider, Asst. Director of DD Services and Paula Smith, Eastside Vocational Center Supervisor. “We could not be more honored to have been selected as the 2019 Provider of the Year by our friends and partners, Clermont DD,” said Lisa Schneider. “It truly reflects the hard work and commitment of our team to the individuals we mutually serve in partnership with the Board.”

Dan Ottke, Superintendent Clermont DD with Lisa Schneider and Paula Smith, Ohio Valley Goodwill

Ohio Valley Goodwill has worked in partnership with Clermont DD for many years in providing training and employment services to people with disabilities in Clermont County and has a Vocational Services Center located on Grissom Drive in Batavia. In the past five years, Goodwill expanded its Eastside location to offer more work and training services in response to identified community needs. Additionally, Goodwill took over operation of the community-based enclave program supported by Clermont DD, which offers competitive wages and work for individuals at two different local businesses. The Goodwill program provides employment, job coaching, vocational assessment, transportation and other related services needed to help individuals to obtain community jobs and/or participate in the organization’s programs and services. Most recently, Goodwill’s Eastside program has been partnering with Clermont DD in supporting individuals to become involved in Community Education classes designed to help people speak up for themselves, enhance their self-advocacy skills and with an emphasis on community involvement and forming new relationships. To schedule a tour of the Goodwill Eastside Vocational Services Center, please contact Paula Smith at (513) 732-0950.

The 2019 Good Fortune Dinner was filled with appreciation and recognition for the many providers, volunteers, business partners, families, advocates and friends who have worked collaboratively with Clermont DD for more than 50 years to enrich the lives of citizens with disabilities in Clermont County. Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Clermont DD on its proud history of outstanding service to people with disabilities and the Clermont County community. To find out more about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s programs and services for individuals with disabilities, visit http://www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services