Ohio Valley Goodwill Celebrates Employment Success for Ms. Sarah Lund!

The month of May represents the national celebration of Goodwill and its more than century long mission of service to the community. One of the best examples of that mission is through the stories of employment success that people served by the organization are able to attain. This month’s featured story is about Ms. Sarah Lund who recently celebrated her one year anniversary at her new job.

Goodwill Community Supports Manager, Chelsea Combs worked with Sarah in her search for employment for many months. Despite many challenges, Sarah persisted in her efforts and has recently marked a one year milestone in her journey. Sarah obtained a position that she really enjoys and is viewed as a valuable employee. “I am so happy for Sarah that she has been able to attain this level of success in her life and feel that she is deserving of recognition. Sarah has been involved with Goodwill’s Community Access program for the past 7 years and is now working on her independent living skills through Goodwill’s Community Living Supports program,” said Chelsea Combs.

As an employee of the Rodizo Grill in Liberty Center, Sarah is viewed by her employer as being an asset to the company and is extremely supportive of her work. Over the past year, this success has really helped Sarah to thrive in all aspects of her life. Sarah lives at home with her parents but is very social and loves being involved in social activities in the community. Sarah also has provided information to her employer and fellow workers information about the Goodwill Community Access program and how they can be welcoming and supportive of patrons with disabilities.

Beyond Sarah’s employment success, it should also be noted that Sarah is a certified nurse’s aide and as a result, has the skills she needs to help her Mom, who has had a stroke. Sarah takes her responsibilities to her Mom as well as her job very seriously and works hard to do her very best in both situations. Sarah also is always willing to help with planning and participation in group activities through Goodwill’s Community Access program making sure to suggest things that she is sure everyone will enjoy.

Ohio Valley Goodwill commends Sarah on her personal success and celebrates her achievements this month. For more information about Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment and Community Services, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/services.