Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

"Ohio Valley Goodwill Can Help De-clutter and Simplify Your Life in the New Year!"


It’s a brand new year and a wonderful time to work on your resolution to de-clutter and simplify your life. With 28 and soon-to-be 29 conveniently located donation centers throughout the Tri-state area, Ohio Valley Goodwill is ready to help. The organization is opening its 29th attended donation site in Cold Spring, Kentucky on Wednesday, January 18th and  the new center will accept donations of gently worn clothing, household items, sporting goods, shoes, furniture, outdated computers and even vehicles, just as Goodwill’s other locations do. The New Year is a perfect time for people to rid their closets and homes of unwanted items and put them to good use by donating them. “When you donate the items you no longer need to Goodwill, you are helping someone find a job, strengthening your community and perserving the planet,” said Joe Byrum, President and CEO of Ohio Valley Goodwill. “Your donations also help the environment by allowing other people to repurpose the items so that they can be diverted from landfills.” In addition, Goodwill makes it easy for people to make room for that new computer or new electronic toy they received during the holidays. Through its new partnership with the Dell Reconnect program, Ohio Valley Goodwill is now able to accept outdated computers and unwanted electronic equipment at all 28 of its stores and attended donation sites. So, this year, follow through on your resolution to simplify and de-clutter your life by donating to Goodwill. Donations are sold through our network of 16 stores in the Greater Cincinnati area and the income generated helps to support services for men and women with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. Each year, the organization serves more than 2600 individuals. For a list of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s conveniently located donation sites throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, please visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate. Join Goodwill this year in our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible recycling…you’ll be helping the planet and making your own life easier!