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"Ohio Public Images Award Recognition for Friends of Ohio Valley Goodwill!"

Monday, March 11th marked the occasion of the 2013 Ohio Public Images Awards Luncheon which is held in Columbus, Ohio each year in tandem with the County Board Association Conference event. The mission of Ohio Public Images is to promote the positive perceptions and understanding of people with developmental disabilities. Goodwill representative, Sharon Hannon, was delighted to learn that organizational friends, Anthony Mirones, from WCPO-TV and Dr. Cindy Molloy were both recognized for their individual efforts to create greater understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities. TV reporter Mirones received an Award of Merit regarding a story about the use of People First language and Dr. Molloy, a certificate of recognition for her work with the Harrison Community Network. “Ohio Valley Goodwill is elated for this year’s Ohio Public Images award recipients,” said Hannon, Marketing Specialist. “We always appreciate the hard work of so many to promote awareness and enhanced acceptance of the individuals we support,” added Hannon. Ohio Valley Goodwill Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery, has been recognized by Ohio Public Images in the past for his video presentations that showcase the skills and abilities of people served by the organization. Goodwill salutes Ohio Public Images for their commitment to promoting the important work of increasing awareness and inclusion of individuals with developmental disabilities.