Neal Williams Success Story

Neal Williams-Goodwill Employment Services

Neal Williams

Neal Williams knew when he started with Goodwill’s Employment Services this year he wanted to work somewhere that his strong work skills would be valued. With his bright smile, friendly personality and support from his Employment Specialist in building interview skills and pursuing job opportunities it took no time to land the job that he desired. Neal has been successfully employed at Walmart Since April 2018. Neal’s supervisor shared, “Neal is a wonderful employee and is always smiling!” Neal said “I love my job and want to thank Goodwill for helping me.”

Neal likes new technology and his job helps him to save for the latest phone on the market. He also enjoys listening to music and has a large group of friends he likes to hang out with. Neal’s people skills not only help him to make friends easily but also, a big reason for his current success on his job.

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Neal on his employment success!