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April Fools’ Scavenger Hunt

shop-main-photoThe Ohio Valley Goodwill team loves a good joke. Since tomorrow is April Fools, we have put together a humorous holiday scavenger hunt to help you spread love and LOLs all over Cincinnati. Here are the rules: You are going to build an outfit. We’ll give a description of an clothes item, you find something in a Cincinnati Goodwill store that fits that description and buy it at an outrageously low price. The money goes to support veterans and individuals with disabilities, and the clothes go toward making the most zany April Fools outfit you can imagine. Play along with your friends; whoever makes the most off-the-wall April Fools outfit wins.

Upload photos of your guffaw-inducing gettups to Facebook and tag @CincinnatiGoodwill, and we’ll share them on our page. You could be Internet famous!

Item 1: We’ll start with the most important item for any humourous costume: a funny hat. To complete this challenge, you must find a spring colored hat. Yellow, representing the newly warming sunshine, but any bright color will suffice. Extra points if it has a big floppy brim or a propeller.

Item 2: Pants. These are a necessity for most non-Tarzan based costumes, and our April Fools outfit is no exception. Try to find a pair of pants at least 3 sizes too big, now get something funny to hold them up with. No belts! Suspenders are fine (hilarious, even) but try to be more creative.

Item 3: For your third item, go out and find an extremely fancy shirt. This needs to be the ultimate in sophistication. Think: frilly tuxedo undershirt. If you can find it in an awesome color, that is even better. Once you have located a shirt capable of adding sufficient sophistication to your outfit, you are ready for the finishing touch.

Item 4:  Get some sunglasses worthy of being worn indoors. Let’s be honest, you are about to look very foolish once you get this costume on. That is pretty much the point of this scavenger hunt. Even so, you need something to preserve your swagger and let the world know how cool you are. Nothing says ” I am the fountain from which all coolness flows” like a pair of gaudy sunglasses worn indoors. Unleash your inner movie star.

Once you have everything together, decide which of your friends had the best costume. Take a picture and add it to Facebook, and tag Cincinnati Goodwill.

We’ll let everyone who follows us know that you chose to make your April Fools day play a benefit for those in need, while others were out making mischief. Who will look foolish then? You can even re-donate the clothes you bought, doubling down on your contribution to Cincinnati Goodwill. For a list of convenient Goodwill store locations, visit www.goodwillbargains.com. Let the hunt begin!