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Moms choose Goodwill for Back-to-School

It’s that time of year! Fall is on the way, which means school is going to be back in session. 

elementary student with backpack waving his arm

When shopping for back-to-school, don’t let yourself get dragged into stores with long lines and expensive prices, come to Goodwill instead! You’ll be able to cross so much off your list- whether you’re headed to a dorm, a new classroom or even homeschooling.

Here’s some of our favorite back-to-school shopping hacks: 

Bring your elementary aged kids along. Hear us out! Shopping with little ones is difficult. They get bored, run up and down down the aisles, and fight with siblings. But consider taking them along to help pick out clothing. Or, give them a few dollars and have them pick something. They can learn about the value of money, budgeting, and the power of thrifting at the same time. 

Group of students talking and studying

Let your high schoolers shop for themselves. Again, teach your kids about budgeting and thrifting at the same time! Have your high schoolers go to Goodwill with a budget and list to pick out their own thrifty pieces. 

Don’t forget college students. Priorities and shopping needs for college students are a bit different. Outfit a completely unique dorm by shopping at Goodwill! Check out our housewares section for decoration, kitchen items, bedding and more!

woman smiling on the phone while sitting in her dorm

For a complete list of all Ohio Valley Goodwill store locations, click here. When you shop Goodwill you are not only getting the latest looks for much, much less but also, choosing to support Ohio Valley Goodwill’s 100+ year mission of helping people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to get jobs in the Greater Cincinnati community…and that’s a good thing! Happy Back-to-School shopping!