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Meet Timothy Who is Starting His Journey to Employment

Timothy Hobbs is just starting out on his employment journey with the help of Ohio Valley Goodwill. A recent high school graduate, Timothy has previously been involved with Goodwill’s Summer Youth Service and began exploring the world of work before graduating from high school. Timothy’s Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) Counselor, Angela Hodges, referred him to Goodwill’s Employment Services program for help in Career Development and Job Placement as Timothy begins looking for a job which meets his goals for employment. Luckily Timothy is available to work a lot of hours which is desirable to future employers. 

Goodwill’s Employment Specialist, Kelsey Laverty, is working with Timothy on identifying his career preferences, developing his resume, practicing his interviewing skills, and other pre-employment skills which will help him in attaining his preferred job situation. They will work together on submitting applications, visiting potential job sites, meeting with employers, participating in interviews and everything that is related to finding just the right job for Timothy on his current career search. 

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment Services team helped almost 1000 people to find job placements in 2021 even while the larger community and employers are trying to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. The Goodwill team has received awards for the quality of its programs and services including the 2021 Inclusion Award from long-time referral partner, Butler DD. “Our mission is to help people to find the right jobs to meet their needs and to help them achieve personal success,” said Mark Leugers, Employment Services Manager. 

When Timothy is not engaged in his search for employment, he enjoys throwing a football and baseballs. Timothy is also working with his dad restoring a 1971 GMC Jimmy and he really likes to do crafts.

Our most sincere thanks to Timothy for sharing his employment story as well as Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) for their on-going support in helping make jobs possible for individuals seeking employment success. 

Watch Timothy’s video below.