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Make a Difference in Your Community with Outsourcing

In recent years, outsourcing has become a popular strategy as businesses look to bring more efficiency to their workflow and improve productivity. By outsourcing time-consuming tasks, businesses can focus on core activities while saving valuable resources.

You might know that outsourcing can be good for business, but did you know it could be good for your community? It’s true!

When you partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division, you get all the benefits of quality fulfillment, packaging, assembly, and kitting services, plus the added reward of helping others in your community!

Here’s how Ohio Valley Goodwill’s unique approach to outsourcing can help your business make a difference in your community:

Local Matters

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, our Industrial Services Division serves businesses in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. As a local outsourcing provider, we understand the region and the value your company brings to the local economy. Our proximity to your business enables us to expedite packaging, fulfillment, assembly and kitting services, without relying on for-profit middlemen. This means we can offer our services to businesses at an outstanding price point!

A Non-Profit Partner with Decades of Experience

Ohio Valley Goodwill is a highly respected non-profit organization with over 100 years of service in the Greater Cincinnati community. You’re probably familiar with Goodwill’s donation and retail operations, but did you know we’re also a high-quality business services provider? The same massive logistics operation that underlies our successful donation-retail model also informs our approach to assembly, kitting, packaging, and fulfillment services. We’ve leveraged our experience in the retail space to deliver unparalleled outsourcing solutions to businesses like yours. So, when you outsource through Ohio Valley Goodwill, you can be confident that your key business tasks are in very good hands.

Meaningful Social Mission

Ohio Valley Goodwill is dedicated to providing fulfilling employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Our Industrial Services Division is one way we give these deserving individuals an opportunity to earn a living, gain self-esteem, and interact more fully with their home communities. Businesses that partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill become a part of our mission to change lives through the power of work. Help us make our community a more just, inclusive place to work, live, and play by partnering with Goodwill!

Contact us today to see what Ohio Valley Goodwill can do for your business. Our highly qualified team of B2B professionals is happy to provide a free quote and answer your questions.