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How Kitting Services Streamline Business Operations

Can your business benefit from kitting services? Kitting is the process of organizing similar items or items that are commonly sold together into ready-ship packages. Instead of being completely assembled by the manufacturer, customers complete the kit’s assembly into the final product. This process saves manufacturers both time and money and can be a more convenient option for customers as well.

If you’re interested in using kitting services to streamline your business operations, here are some reasons to give kitting a closer look.

Cut down on shipping fees

Tired of spending extra fees on shipping? By kitting your products into ready-to-ship packages, you can avoid shipping heavy, bulky boxes. Your customers may also enjoy the convenience of flat boxes instead of heavier, bulkier ones. Successful companies like Ikea use kitting for nearly all of their products, packing furniture into lighter, easier-to-handle packages that customers assemble at home.

Limit labor costs

Kitting can also save on labor costs associated with assembly work. By pre-packaging your products into kits instead of fully assembling them, you can save money on labor related to assembly. Many small businesses also benefit from outsourcing kitting services instead of hiring extra workers to complete projects in-house.

Kitting saves time for you and your team

Is assembly becoming a time draining process for your workers? Try kitting! Companies that use kitting can save both time and money on labor for assembly work. Many companies enjoy the benefits of outsourcing kitting services through a trusted third party like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. With decades of professional experience providing kitting services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana, Ohio Valley Goodwill has the expertise needed to complete any kitting project.

When you outsourcing kitting services to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you also support our greater mission to provide meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities in the Greater Cincinnati area. If you’re ready to start streamlining your business’s operations with help from a kitting service, we invite you to contact us today to arrange a free tour of our facilities, discuss our services, and receive a free quote.