The Katie Lauter Success Story

katielauerKatie Lauter is currently employed at Chuck E. Cheese on Kemper Road in Cincinnati and in her own words is “loving it!” Katie has been working at the kid-friendly restaurant for 9 months now, three days a week. The best news is Katie has so impressed her employer that she is now working on new position responsibilities and a promotion.

At the present time, Katie welcomes guests to the restaurant and is responsible for making sure that the kids get their left wrist stamped to they can be safely matched with their parents as a safety precaution. In addition, she does restroom checks every half hour and her favorite duty, participating in the “road shows.” This is when employees dress in costume and dance with the kids at the restaurant. Katie also carries around a large ticket sign and kids quickly form a line behind her. Katie so enjoys her job that she would like to add two more days to her schedule.

Katie’s supervisor at work, Charisse, thinks that Katie is wonderful and Goodwill’s support of Katie invaluable. “When Katie first started her job at Chuck E. Cheese, she had a full time job coach from Goodwill who really helped her to learn not only her duties but what to do when she needed help. Now, she has a follow-along coach from Goodwill who stays in touch with her one day a week and also checks in with me to make sure things are going ok.”

When asked how Goodwill helped her, Katie says “they helped me to be more open and independent. If I don’t understand something, I know exactly what to do to get help.”

Before Katie got her job at Chuck E. Cheese, Goodwill’s Employment Services team helped with developing her resume, practicing for a job interview, exploring different places and then, finally helping her to find the perfect job. “My Goodwill Job Coach also helped me with using a checklist so that I remember everything I need to do every day at work.”
katielauer2 Mom, Beth Lauter, says that she loves Goodwill because she now sees her daughter happy and smiling with good self-esteem, loving her job and feeling very successful. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the support that Katie and our family have received from Ohio Valley Goodwill. It’s what all parents want for their children- to see them feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments.”


Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Katie on her hard work and applauds Chuck E. Cheese on their wise decision to hire such a wonderful employee.

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