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In 2003, I found myself homeless and staying at the Drop Inn Center. It was there that I met Susan Ball from the VA and she got me hooked up with Goodwill. I was a Viet Nam veteran and served in the Marine Corps for 4 years. I stayed at Goodwill’s dormitory for two years and began working in the Goodwill dock area right away.

In 2007, I was promoted to Dock Supervisor at Goodwill’s corporate headquarters and now manage 22 employees. I think Goodwill helped me to get my confidence back and get my life back together.”

Jesse’s story is similar to those of the thousands of other homeless military veterans that Ohio Valley Goodwill has helped over the past 18 years. Just like Jesse, Ohio Valley Goodwill is committed to helping our nation’s heroes to get their lives back together. Do your part to help veterans like Jesse get back on their feet…your donation can help to change someone’s life. Please donate to Goodwill today!