Jerry Kinebrew

Jerry Kinebrew is a quiet and reserved person who had been looking for a job for the past several years. Fortunately, about a year ago, Jerry got a job at Planet Fitness and still loves it to this day. Jerry is always smiling and loves being around people.

Jerry has tried many jobs in the past but had never found quite the right fit. He is now working at Planet Fitness going on his first year and is exited about how well he is doing. Jerry is the general greeter and lobby attendant. His duties primarily include making guests feel welcome, beautifying/cleaning the entry way and making sure guests check in when arriving. His presence is all about customer service- something Jerry happily reports is his favorite aspect of the job.  Jerry’s confidence and self-image has been much more positive since securely landing this job. 

Jerry’s job at Planet Fitness came about as a result of working with his Employment Specialist, Mark Leugers , from Ohio Valley Goodwill and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities. Though not sure if it would be a match initially, Jerry’s personality was a hit with his co-workers and management who all found his smile contagious. The Planet Fitness team continued to provide the natural supports needed to allow Jerry to continue to grow in his tasks and try new jobs out daily. They are a major reason Jerry is doing so well today.

When asked about his favorite part of his job, Jerry replied: “I like helping. Yes that is good, I really like helping. People are nice to me at work. I am nice back and they smile. I like seeing smiles.”

Jerry’s mom says “I am so proud of him. Goodwill and OOD did so good with him on this job. Jerry comes home each day and doesn’t just lay around. He actually will help me tidy up and will take initiative on his own to do chores. It’s a blessing! He is always dressed an hour before his bus comes to get him and waits with anticipation for his ride. He just enjoys what he does and likes knowing he is helping other. This job has given him some new found purpose and I’m truly grateful for it.”

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Jerry Kinebrew on his personal success and great job at Planet Fitness!