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It’s Goodwill Industries Week: 4 Great Reasons to Celebrate Goodwill Industries

Did you know that it’s Goodwill Industries Week? Goodwill Industries Week was first celebrated in May 1951 as a way for local Goodwill organizations to educate communities about our mission of “helping people with disabilities help themselves.” For more than 60 years, we’ve set aside one week each May to express our gratitude for the support we receive from the community and to share more about Goodwill’s mission. Here are four great reasons to recognize and celebrate Goodwill Industries Week.

Donating to Goodwill is good for the planet

When you donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you’re making an environmentally friendly decision to divert used clothing and other goods from our local landfills! Collectively, Goodwill stores prevented more than fifty-four million pounds of items from reaching landfills in the past year. This Goodwill Industries Week, consider cleaning out your closets for the spring season and donate your gently used clothing and other goods to your local Goodwill donation center or store. You can feel great about doing a good deed for the community and the planet!

Shopping at and donating to Goodwill helps fund job training and employment programs

Every time you shop at one of our retail stores or make a donation, you help Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries fund on-site and community-based services, job search assistance, employment placement job training, and other community-based services for people with disabilities, our nation’s veterans, those who need education or job experience, and others facing employment challenges. By shopping at or donating to Goodwill, you help people gain the skills to start or advance in their careers and build a brighter future.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division provides meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities

Many people are familiar with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Stores and Donation Centers, but some might not know that we also provide meaningful employment to individuals who face barriers to employment through our Industrial Services Division. When local businesses choose to work with our Industrial Services Division for help with their workforce needs, including packaging, assembly, kitting, and fulfillment services, their partnership with not only helps businesses find solutions for their needs, but it also helps create jobs for people in the community.

Your support makes all the difference!

When you shop at or donate to Goodwill, you’re making a life-changing difference in the lives of individuals in the community and their families. Thanks to your support, Goodwill is able to continue helping people in need overcome challenges and reach their full potential through learning and the power of work. Whether you’re a frequent shopper at our retail stores, a regular donor, program participant, community partner, or employer, we thank you for your support of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries!

We invite you to celebrate Goodwill Industries Week with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries! Whether you complete your spring-cleaning and make a donation or shop at one of our Goodwill stores, your support helps us continue to make a positive impact in the community. To learn more about Goodwill Industries Week, please visit www.goodwill.org/week.