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3 Ways an Inclusive Workplace Helps Business

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords. They’re vitally important to succeeding in the business world, and leaders who don’t pay attention will find themselves left behind.

Diversity & Inclusion: What’s the Difference?

It’s easy to find yourself lost in the sea of best practices in this space. Let’s start with the basics, such as what these words actually mean.

Diversity centers on the idea of having employees and viewpoints from a variety of backgrounds, representing different social and ethnic backgrounds, as well as physical abilities.

Inclusivity is the way in which you include these voices at all levels and make them feel welcomed, valued, and empowered. 

Diversity and inclusion should be at the foundation of your business for a variety of reasons, but we’ve put together just three ways an inclusive workplace can help businesses succeed:

  • More Viewpoints Lead to Better Solutions.
    When you have people from different backgrounds working on a problem, you’ll get a better solution. Numerous studies have proven this idea, but even without the data, it stands to reason this would be true. Armed with a variety of viewpoints, businesses that have embraced diversity experience more innovation, which leads to growth.

  • Inclusion Fosters a Sense of Belonging.
    When business leaders take a proactive approach to creating an inclusive workplace, they nurture a work environment in which people feel heard. Employees are more likely to share their ideas, and that cohesive culture increases morale. The end results are happier employees, better performance, and less turnover.

  • Diversity Fosters Goodwill with Customers.
    When employees are able to relate to the challenges their customers face, they’re better able to resolve their issues – and to do so with empathy. This is especially important in customer service, but as inclusive workplaces typically have a more positive culture, customer experience is elevated across the board!

Creating an inclusive workplace takes time and intention. Even though many employers may believe they’re already doing it —their employees may disagree. If you’re having trouble, lean on Goodwill for support.

Goodwill Can Help!

At Goodwill, we believe everyone deserves to feel the fulfillment and independence that comes with work opportunities. We provide job skills training to individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and we believe in the importance of creating workplaces where respect and mutual trust are a priority. We’re always looking for employer partners. It all adds up to better service, more successful businesses, and happier employees. Learn more about our employment services and find out how you can support us!