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5 Heartfelt Housewarming Gifts You Can Find at Goodwill

Buying a home is a thrilling experience. From the moment you receive the keys, there’s an urge to put a personal touch on everything — from the wall color to the furniture — and to put everything in its place. Of course, there’s nothing better than welcoming family and friends to your new home and giving them the grand tour!

Celebrating a friend or family member’s new home is almost as exciting as moving in yourself, but you won’t want to show up on the doorstep empty-handed. The next time you’re celebrating a loved one’s new home, remember these thrifty gift ideas you can find at Ohio Valley Goodwill!

#1: Unique dishes

dishes from Goodwill
green glassware from Goodwill Cincinnati
Green Glassware from Goodwill

Goodwill has loads of dishes for everyday use, but if your homeowner already has a dish set, consider adding a special piece for serving or display. A vintage serving or candy dish could be a unique addition that would always remind them of you! Adding a treat will give your host something to serve while you’re there, and you can leave the dish behind.

Bring with you a tray of fresh-baked cookies, a cakestand complete with a cake (homemade or from a local bakery), or even a small bowl filled with chocolates from a local candy shop. The possibilities are endless — and delicious!

#2: Books

Book display at Goodwill
Books from Goodwill

For the avid reader (or even those who don’t love to read), books make a memorable housewarming gift! Goodwill is the perfect place to find unique reads or hardcover books that simply look fantastic on a bookshelf or coffee table.

Grab a stack of interesting books when you thrift shop at Goodwill, then tie a nice ribbon around them and add a card. You’ll have a simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful gift that will surely be remembered.

#3: Framed Art

LIfe is Beautiful wall art from Goodwill
LIfe is Beautiful wall art from Goodwill
Photo frames from Goodwill
Photo frames from Goodwill

New homeowners often have plenty of bare walls for the first few months, so check out the framed art collection at your nearest Goodwill store to give them a head start filling that wall space!

You’ll avoid the big price tags found at traditional retail stores, and it’s likely you’ll find something just as unique. Look for neutral colors to give the recipient options for where to hang the art, unless you know what color schemes they prefer in their home.

#4: Vases with flowers

vase from Goodwill
Vase from Goodwill
White Vase from Goodwill
White Vase from Goodwill

If there’s one thing Goodwill has plenty of, it’s vases. Choosing a thrifted vase can elevate an inexpensive flower bouquet and give it a personal touch.

If you happen to know your host’s favorite flower, you can take this gift idea to another level!

Basket from Goodwill Cincinnati
Basket from Goodwill

#5: Gift basket

They say variety is the spice of life. If you can’t decide what gift best suits your new homeowner, choose them all! Baskets are much more affordable when you thrift them, and Cincinnati Goodwill retail stores have baskets of all shapes and sizes to choose from. Fill your basket with household essentials such as towels, dishes, books, sweet treats, candles, or anything else you know they’ll love! The secret to a good gift basket is to choose items that follow a theme, and arrange them beautifully in the basket. How about a fun theme like movie night, spa day, or the perfect pair: coffee and chocolate? Voilà — now you have a customized housewarming gift for less!

Start Shopping

It just makes sense to celebrate a new home with unique finds, so get to your nearest Goodwill retail store today and choose something thoughtful, and best of all, affordable! You’ll leave a lasting impact on the gift recipient while helping Goodwill uplift others through its mission. What a reason to celebrate!