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"Goodwill's Volunteer Service Guild Presents Annual Spring Mini-Fest!"


Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Volunteer Service Guild group held its annual two-day Spring Mini-Fest on Friday, May 4th and Saturday, May 5th at the organization’s corporate headquarters in the Village of Woodlawn. The annual event is planned and coordinated by the Service Guild as one of their official fundraisers in support of Ohio Valley Goodwill and as a way to support the organization’s mission of service to individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans. This year’s Spring Mini-Fest featured homemade baked goods, “Elegant Junque” and collectibles, and special items from the organization’s Treasure Island Gift Shop.   The special event also features a wonderful cook-out during the lunchtime each day with hot dogs right from the grill, along with chips and drinks for all the visitors.   “We really try to have lots of special items available for shoppers who come out to the Tri-County retail store during this very special event,”  said Nancy Horton, the Service Guild’s President and one of the festival’s  coordinators.   The Tri-County retail store even has special offerings during the two-day event including an extra-special 50% off everything sale on Saturday May 5th.   “The Mini-Fest helps introduce many new shoppers to our retail store – even those who have never experienced the thrill of shopping at Goodwill,” commented Nancy Horton. Ohio Valley Goodwill is grateful to all the members of the Service Guild for their service and dedication to the organization’s mission of helping to achieve economic self-sufficiency and personal success. The Service Guild is made up of over 100 volunteers who are committed to increasing awareness of Goodwill’s mission in the community and raising funds in support of its efforts.