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Goodwill’s Summer Youth Program Ends in the Best Possible Way!

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Summer Youth 2017 has been a phenomenal year for our students and our business partners. This year the Summer Youth program reached over 100 students and partnered with fourteen local companies to make it one of the most successful ever! While each business location and student group is a success story in their own right, we wanted to highlight one very exciting story which reflects the overall success of the whole Summer Youth program.

Lakeview Garden Center and Summer Youth Team

One of Goodwill’s business partners is Lakeview Garden Center located on 6061 Pleasant Avenue in Fairfield. Lakeview has been a partner company for the past two years. Lakeview has welcomed more than twenty students to their business in the course of the last two years. During the newly expanded Summer program this year, there have been two student work crews at the company all summer long working in four week shifts.

The Lakeview Garden Center has not only welcomed the Summer program students but also, been very hospitable during the student work experiences. The students have had the chance to work with the Miracle League Fields and with Kim Nuxhall, through the Lakeview partnership. During the on-site work experience, interested students learned about tending the grounds and preparing for a major upcoming event. This is just one of the many experiences that the students have been offered through the partnership with Lakeview. The Lakeview staff team, (and their owner Jim), have always congratulated the students on their hard work and doing a great job.

Mr. Kyle Ennis, New Employee

The partnership with Lakeview Garden Center ended in the best possible way at the end of the summer. One of the students was offered a position at the company following completion of the Summer program. Mr. Kyle Ennis is currently working with Goodwill’s Employment Services team to become one of Lakeview’s newest employees at the end of August.

Ohio Valley Goodwill congratulates Kyle on his new position and is thankful to Lakeview Garden Center and all of our community partners of their outstanding support of the Goodwill Summer Youth Program.