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Goodwill's Service Guild Holds Annual Fall Mini Fest!

The crisp fall air and peaks of sunshine helped to set the tone for the annual fall Mini Fest presented by the Goodwill Service Guild on October 2 and 3. The two-day event held in Goodwill’s Tri-County store in Woodlawn provided lots of great gift finds, wonderful home made baked goods and candy, unique items from the

Treasure Island Gift Shop managed by the Guild volunteers, and a noontime cook out each day. The mini fest events are offered twice each year and are coordinated by Service Guild volunteers. Proceeds from the festivals help the group with their fund raising efforts. “A major purpose of our group is to raise funds for Ohio Valley Goodwill and to assist the community to become more aware of the organization’s mission to serve the needs of individuals with disabilities,” said Guild President Jane Kreps. Ohio Valley Goodwill salutes the work that the Service Guild provides for the organization!