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Goodwill Team Provides Support for 2014 Hamilton County DD Services Tax Levy!

Ann Mackzum, Leslie McCurley, rear, Melinda Gabelman and Michael Flannery, front

Ann Mackzum, Leslie McCurley, rear, Melinda Gabelman and Michael Flannery, front

Wednesday, January 22nd marked the occasion of the public hearing in support of Goodwill partner, Hamilton County DD Services and their proposed tax levy in front of the County Commissioners. Goodwill team members Michael Flannery, Public Information Officer, Melinda Gabelman, Advocate and Leslie McCurley, Asst. Director of DD Services, all provided compelling testimony as to the importance of the services offered through the County Board of DD. Along with eight other advocates, the Goodwill team helped to provide insights for the County Commissioners as to how Hamilton County DD Services are critical to the lives of people with disabilities in Hamilton County.

The public hearing held in front of the County Commissioners is a final step in the process of obtaining approval for placing the levy issue on the ballot for the upcoming May election. Following the testimony of the assembled guests including HCDDS Superintendent Alice Pavey, the commissioners were all inspired to share their own support of Hamilton County DD Services and the vital nature of the services provided to citizens with disabilities and families. A final vote by Commissioners Todd Portune, Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann unanimously approved the resolution that would officially place the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services on the ballot in May of 2014.

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to do everything we can to support Hamilton County DD Services,” said Michael Flannery, Goodwill Public Information Officer. “Goodwill serves more than 700 people through its partnership with the Board and knows first-hand how critical their services are for people and their families,” added Flannery.

Ohio Valley Goodwill will be working in partnership with Hamilton County DD Services in the coming months on a community outreach and education effort that will be directed towards helping the public understand the importance of voting for the levy for almost 10,000 individuals and families in the Greater Cincinnati community. Goodwill team members will be speaking to community groups, sharing information about the levy through the News Blog and providing updates to the public as the campaign moves forward.

Please join Ohio Valley Goodwill in Voting YES on May 6th for the 2014 HCDDS Tax Levy!

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