Goodwill Stars Shine Bright During the Holiday Season

Eddie Morgan, Kristine Agoston and Jordan Goss.

Eddie Morgan, Kristine Agoston and Jordan Goss.

Three of the stars for Ohio Valley Goodwill’s upcoming 100th Anniversary Celebration Holiday Fashion Show are Eddie Morgan, Kristine Agoston and Jordan Goss. All three are models for the special anniversary event but all three are also Stars of the organization’s award-winning Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education (CARE) program. As part of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s on-going series of monthly featured stories during its 100th anniversary of service, the organization wanted to share a little bit about three of its shining stars.


Kristine Agoston

Kristine Agoston has been with the CARE program since its early beginnings. A graduate of Lakota West High School, Kristine came to the CARE program because she loves to socialize and enjoys being involved in community activities which are the essence of the program. Kristine’s mother, Peggy Agoston, notes that “the staff at the Goodwill CARE program are wonderful and Kristine has made a lot of friends since she joined the program. We think the CARE program is great. There really is no other program like it- CARE offers volunteer opportunities as well as community outings and other experiences that Kristine would not have a chance to be part if it wasn’t for CARE. We try to do a lot together as a family and even though we do a lot, CARE helps Kristine to enjoy things that she normally wouldn’t be able to do,” explained Peggy. As part of the CARE program, Kristine has become involved in volunteering at Meadowbrook Care Center (a retirement center) and the SCPA- both of which she loves doing right alongside other community volunteers. As one of the Goodwill “stars,” Kristine has been featured in television commercials and was a model for the 2009 CARA “What Matters Most” Fashion Show in support of Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services.


Eddie Morgan

Another star of the CARE program is Eddie Morgan, who is also busy rehearsing for his role as an escort for another model in the special 100th anniversary Fashion Show event. Another veteran of Goodwill television spots, Eddie was also a model in the 2009 “What Matters Most” Fashion Show event. Always outgoing, Eddie also volunteers as an ambassador for the CARE program, welcoming new participants as well as guests and visitors. “Eddie is a wonderful member of the CARE team,” said Lois Kramer, CARE Supervisor. “He is a regular volunteer at Meals at Wheels and also loves playing basketball and pool at the Cincinnati Rec Centers with like-minded community members. He is always willing to help out and enjoys being involved in everything we do. He was so excited about being a part of this year’s Holiday Fashion Show that he’s been asking about it for more than a year,” added Kramer.


Jordan Goss

Jordan Goss is one of the newer members of the CARE “stars.” A graduate of Starfire U, Jordan has been with the CARE program for a little over two years. Eager to be a part of all of the many activities offered through the CARE program, Jordan was excited to become a model for the upcoming 100th anniversary Fashion Show, “100 Years of Goodwill Fashion.” Quietly charming, Jordan is a wonderful addition to the CARE team of models and another shining star. Through his involvement in the CARE program, Jordan has discovered his passion for volunteering and helping others and loves giving his time at the Ronald McDonald House.

Launched in 2004, the CARE program is designed to provide social, personal and life enrichment opportunities for the individuals involved in the program. With an average of five outings offered daily to more than 85 different locations in the Greater Cincinnati area, CARE program participants are provided the opportunity to have a vast array of community experiences. As a result of these many diverse options, individuals in the CARE program are helped to discover their personal passions and interests.

To find out more about the CARE program, visit All three of the Goodwill CARE models are looking forward to this year’s big debut on Thursday, December 15th at the Sharonville Convention Center as part of the 100th Anniversary Holiday Luncheon Celebration. Ohio Valley Goodwill is also excited to have WLWT News Anchor, Sheree Paolello, acting as the official MC for this aspect of the Holiday program. We are very proud of our three shining stars, Kristine, Eddie and Jordan and eagerly anticipate their official fashion debut on December 15th!