Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

Goodwill Offers a Unique Kitting Service in Cincinnati

When business owners look for a kitting service in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Southeast Indiana, they are usually making a decision based on price or efficiency. There is only one kitting service in Cincinnati, however, which makes an impact on more than the balance sheet. Ohio Valley Goodwill is a non-profit kitting operation. We can offer highly competitive prices because our goal is to make a difference rather than simply making a buck. Our services are affordable and effective, of course, but they also make a social impact that no other kitting service can demonstrate.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s kitting business provides employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities throughout Greater Cincinnati. Our work force undertakes kitting contracts by hand. This reduces downtime and makes for a more flexible kitting operation. It also, significantly, makes Cincinnati a more just and inclusive place to live. The individuals we serve see their work as more than a job. Our kitting team works hard because their efforts are validating and allow them to participate fully in the community.

Working with Ohio Valley Goodwill is a rare opportunity to make a smart business decision which will also benefit your community. Contact one of our business development specialists today to find out more.