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Goodwill Grateful for Generous Donations at 2017 Thanksgiving Day Race!

108th Thanksgiving Day Race!

Thanksgiving morning is usually a busy time for families as they gather to celebrate the holiday. For many families in the Greater Cincinnati area, running in the annual Thanksgiving Day race is a family tradition. A new part of that tradition over the past seven years, has been about bringing something to share as part of the Goodwill Donation Drive. Now in it’s 8th year, the Goodwill Donation Station at Paul Brown Stadium was one of the first stops for runners as they gathered for the start of this year’s Thanksgiving Day Race. “Ohio Valley Goodwill is so grateful to the generous donors that make giving a part of their holiday tradition at the annual Thanksgiving Day Race,” said Sharon Hannon, Goodwill Marketing Manager.

At this year’s race, the Goodwill Donation Station was headquartered at Paul Brown Stadium and the organization also sponsored an Entertainment and Selfie station at Mile 2 for the first time. Local musician and long-time Goodwill volunteer, Mark Macomber along with Public Information Officer, Michael Flannery, entertained runners as they trotted past with their musical skills while others took a second to commemorate the event with a brief stop at the Goodwill Selfie station.

Earning a reputation as the largest coat donation drive in the country; Thanksgiving Day race enthusiasts bring a cold weather clothing item to share on race morning. Over the past eight years, more than 30,000 pounds of donations have been collected through the Goodwill Donation Station. Donated items are then sold through Goodwill’s network of retail store and the proceeds are used to fund Goodwill’s employment and training services for people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans in the Greater Cincinnati community.

“We could not be more grateful for our partnership with the annual Thanksgiving Day Race and the support and generosity of the Greater Cincinnati community during this important holiday time of the year,” said Sharon Hannon, Goodwill Marketing Manager and event coordinator. INSERT Donation Station Photo 2017

Our most sincere thanks to this year’s Thanksgiving Day Race participants and to the Greater Cincinnati community for their on-going support of Goodwill’s more than a century long mission of putting people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans to work in our community. You can make a donation to support Ohio Valley Goodwill and its mission of service any day of the year at any one of our Greater Cincinnati donation locations. For a complete list of Goodwill Donation Centers, visit www.cincinnatigoodwill.org/donate.

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes everyone!