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Goodwill Employment Services: More than a “Job”

incentive-callout2Employers who partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill to employ talented individuals with disabilities are often attracted initially by the tax benefits such a partnership can provide. Without fail, however, they come to realize the true value of the new employees they obtain through  Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment Services.  To many of those we serve, “employment” is more than just a job; it is the chance to be a part of their community.

Work is an amazing thing. It validates us and reminds us of what we are capable of. It offers the chance to make new friends, get out in the world and be the social beings that all people long to be. For individuals with disabilities, these aspects of a job can be particularly desirable. Feeling good about oneself and your role in the world, is a difficult to thing to put a price on. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, our Employment Services team is dedicated to helping people become the valuable employees they wish to be and at the same time, helping employers to meet their workforce needs.

Contact Ohio Valley Goodwill Employment Services today to see how we can help with your recruitment goals. See what we can do to improve your business and at the same time, what you can do to improve your community by working alongside those we train and support. Like many Cincinnati businesses before you, we are willing to bet that you will be excited by how Goodwill can help! Visit www.goodwillemploymentservices.com for more information or contact: Aimee Rittner, at arittner@cincigoodwill.org.