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“The Goodwill Biennial” Pays Homage to Lost Artists and Their Works!

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On August 28, 2015 (with an opening reception from 6 pm to 10 pm), Thunder-Sky, Inc. will present “The Goodwill Biennial.” The show will continue through October 15, 2015. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s team in Cincinnati have been setting aside handmade art donated to the organization for the past year, in order to facilitate this project.

Thunder-Sky, Inc. curators, as well as Matt Distel from the Carnegie (Covington, Kentucky) and Melanie Derrick from 1305 Gallery in Over the Rhine, are jurying an exhibit of these donated paintings, sculptures, drawings and other objects that have a distant connection with the present, and a distinct and dreamy sense of the past.

“The whole purpose of working with Goodwill is to treat the works we come across with respect and dignity, in order to find some kind of meaning/redemption in them that goes beyond kitsch and into another realm,” Thunder-Sky, Inc. Co-founder Keith Banner says. “Plus titling the whole project after sometimes pretentious and sometimes contentious contemporary biennial art surveys is kind of a lark- poking fun at the art world, while also paying homage to artists who have been lost, consigned to donation bins.”

Raymond Thunder-Sky himself is another reason Thunder-Sky, Inc. is partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill in Cincinnati. Thunder-Sky worked at Goodwill’s employment and training center for several years before he died, and often featured Goodwill in his drawings.

Thunder-Sky, Inc. is a non-profit art gallery focusing on unconventional art, people and ideas. 4573 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223. (513) 426-0477. www.raymondthundersky.org.
Please join Ohio Valley Goodwill and our team at the reception on Friday, August 28th for the debut of the “Goodwill Biennial.”
Art Work photo for Gallery Opening event