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Goodwill Acquires New Project From Aeroblast

Recently, Goodwill was able to earn the opportunity to be a part of a supply chain process that helps to improve the bottom line of the Aeroblast company. Located in Northern Kentucky, Aeroblast is an acrylics company which generates excess sheets of acrylic. Aeroblast can recycle the acrylic sheets by grinding them up into a non-abrasive blasting media.  However, the issue with recycling the acrylic sheets is that each piece has a protective coating on it.  Before they can be ground up, the protective coating needs to be removed from the acrylic sheet.  This process can only be accomplished by removing each piece of coating by hand.  And this is where Goodwill comes in and succeeds!  Aeroblast did not have the personnel to work on this and they did not want to add staff to their payroll.

Each piece of acrylic, which varies in width from 2 inches to 5 feet, and varies in length from 2 feet to 8 feet, needs to be handled individually. The process is quite laborious, tedious and repetitive. Fortunately, the diversity in Goodwill’s workforce offers a large number of individuals who are capable of processing this work quickly and efficiently.

After Goodwill receives the sheets and removes each protective coating from each sheet, the finished product is stacked on pallets.  Goodwill then delivers the pallets to Aeroblast and Aeroblast can then grind up the sheets.

The Aeroblast job is just another great example of how Goodwill’s workforce can be a vital component of the supply chain process for any company that needs a reliable workforce.

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