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Give the Gift of Self-Confidence this Holiday Season

In 2013, a survey conducted by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index revealed what many of us already suspected: Americans who have been unemployed long-term (27 weeks or more) are more likely to suffer from depression than those with a job.

Research often shows better mental health in people who are employed. Going to work every day is linked to feeling like you’re a contributing member of society — even if the feeling is subconscious. People who have a job also report a feeling of belonging and purpose.

These findings are among the reasons Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission is to provide job skills training to individuals with disabilities and others who face barriers to employment.

Connecting to Community

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we believe in helping people become fully engaged, productive citizens in our community. We do that by providing life-enriching opportunities that lead to long-term employment, independence, and self-confidence.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s employment specialists offer skills assessments to help individuals find the vocation that best matches their talents and interests. Then they help those individuals through every step of finding a job.

Goodwill’s vocational programs also set individuals up for employment success by helping them with preparing for interviews, finding transportation options to and from work, teaching them what’s expected from them in the workplace, and assisting them with long-term job retention and growth.

How You Can Help

Goodwill's Cycle of Success
Goodwill’s Cycle of Success

This holiday season is the perfect time to give someone in your community the gift of employment. When you support Ohio Valley Goodwill by shopping in our retail stores, donating household items, donating a vehicle, or giving a monetary donation, you make it possible!

In 2021, Ohio Valley Goodwill placed more than 900 people in community employment. That’s nearly 1,000 individuals who now have a greater sense of self-worth, purpose, and confidence. Help Ohio Valley Goodwill create an even bigger difference this year — your support is always needed, and appreciated!