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Getting Started with Career Exploration

Finding the career path that best suits you can take time and effort, but it’s well worth the work. When you’ve mapped a route that fits your talents and interests, you’ll build satisfaction and self-confidence that spills into everything you do. It’s why Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Employment Specialists put so much work into supporting job seekers through every important step of finding employment!

What jobs fit your skills?

The first step to career planning is exploring the options that are available. There are many jobs and career paths that might not even be on your radar without a little research. Finding one that’s in line with your interests and passions will set you up for long-term success.

Consider taking a survey or evaluation that measures your strengths. The results will help point you toward industries or fields of work that best fit the talents you have to offer. Then, research those roles to see if they interest you!

Test the water before you dive in

Once you have a shortlist of careers you’d like to explore, find a way to get an up-close feel for what it might be like to work in those fields. Ask about job shadowing or internship opportunities. Many employers will consider bringing you on as part of the team part-time to experience the work first-hand. In many cases, internships can even lead to full-time job opportunities!

If job shadowing or internships aren’t available, consider volunteering or finding someone who has experience in your field of interest who might be willing to act as a mentor. Their insight will be valuable to your decision-making process, even if you don’t get a chance to gain experience before deciding on a career path.

Choose a path and get started!

Once you find a field of work that interests you, the job hunt begins! We recommend researching a company before applying and practicing an interview, especially if it’s your first time. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength. There are resources to help people from all walks of life find, obtain, and maintain employment. For example, at Ohio Valley Goodwill, we focus on connecting local job seekers with disabilities, our nation’s veterans, and others who face difficulty finding employment to meaningful career opportunities.

How Goodwill Helps Job Seekers

Everyone deserves a fulfilling career, and Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help make that happen! We help set individuals with disabilities and our nation’s veterans up for success in every phase of the job search process, from the beginning stages of choosing the right vocational direction to finding the right employment opportunity and supports while in that job. With help from Ohio Valley Goodwill’s vocational services, job seekers have opportunities to empower themselves through training, development, and employment.

If you want to help others find a career they love, you can always support Goodwill’s mission by making a donation, or shopping at an Ohio Valley Goodwill store near you. You’ll be doing your part to help your neighbors reach their goal of community employment and achieve personal and vocational success!