Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

We’re a Fulfillment Company In Cincinnati with a Fulfilling Mission

Any business owner looking to hire a fulfillment company in Cincinnati will know that fulfillment services mean delivering the right goods to the right people. But, fulfillment and service have deeper meanings as well. Fulfillment, to those of us not looking for logistics expertise, is the sense that one gets having completed a task of great importance. On one hand, that could be the “job well done” experience of making flawless deliveries, but it could also come with the knowledge that your fulfillment company is making a positive impact on Greater Cincinnati.

Ohio Valley Goodwill offers fulfillment services to businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana, but we also have a social mission to fulfill. Ohio Valley Goodwill gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to obtain meaningful employment. Those we serve find self-confidence, an income stream and the opportunity to contribute to their communities. That is a mission which is truly fulfilling and which no other fulfilment company can match. Contact one of the B2B employment professionals at Ohio Valley Goodwill today to see what our fulfillment team can do for your business.