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Does Your Closet Still Reflect Your Style? Here’s How to Decide!

Is your closet ruining your mornings? If you struggle to put together an outfit that puts a smile on your face each day, it’s time to evaluate whether your wardrobe still reflects you.

Your style may evolve over time, and your closet should adapt. Take these steps to decide whether it’s time for a change:

Clothing rack vests from Goodwill
Clothing rack vests from Goodwill

Self-Reflect & Look for Inspiration

Before you can decide if your closet reflects your style, you should first define your personal style! Take some time to reflect on your current fashion preferences. What styles, colors, and silhouettes do you find yourself gravitating towards lately? Consider your lifestyle and daily activities as well.

In need of some inspiration? Look through fashion magazines, social media, and online stores to gather style images that draw your eye. Create a mood board ““ digital or physical ““ with styles, outfits, and overall looks that resonate with you.

Edit Your Closet

Once you have a visual representation of your style, use it as a guide to eliminate items from your closet that don’t fit the image. Remove anything that doesn’t boost your confidence, and if you haven’t worn something in over a year, consider letting it go. Keep in mind that a closet works best for you when you value quality over quantity. Fewer choices reduce stress, and when your options are high-quality pieces that look great on you, you can’t go wrong.

Anything you no longer want can be donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill. Find your nearest Donation Center and drop them off. Your items will get a new life instead of ending up in a landfill!  

Create Reference Outfits

Once you’ve narrowed down the items you want to keep, look for key pieces that represent your style most and build outfits around them. These items could be a favorite pair of jeans, a versatile blazer, or a statement accessory. Take photos of the outfits you like for reference and store them in an album on your phone. The next time you’re struggling to put together a look, check your album of outfits and stress no more!

Re-Evaluate Regularly

Your fashion preferences will continue to change, so make it a habit to periodically reassess your closet, at least once or twice a year, to ensure it stays aligned with your evolving taste.

Remember that your style is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, and it should make you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to let go of items that no longer serve your style journey and embrace new pieces that suit your evolving taste.

Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill
Donate and Make a Difference Goodwill

Make Your Closet Clean-Out Work for Others Too!

Donating items you no longer love to Goodwill is the perfect way to simplify your style while giving back to the community. The items you donate help support Ohio Valley Goodwill’s mission to empower individuals with disabilities and others through job skills training and job placement services.

So, build your best wardrobe and help make a difference in someone’s life with Goodwill!