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DIY your kid’s Halloween costume at Goodwill!

Halloween is coming soon! For kids, that means candy, costumes and staying up past bedtime. For parents, it means scrambling for a costume, wrangling kids on the sidewalk and trying to calm a sugar rush. 

While Goodwill can’t help with a sugar rush and keeping kids on a sidewalk, we can help you with a fun DIY costume! Here’s a few ideas. 

80’s kid

Pick up a denim skirt, tights, neon top and fanny pack from one of our 19 stores, then add some fun 80’s accessories like leg warmers and gloves and you’re ready for a totally tubular Halloween, dude!


It’s a bird….it’s a plane…it’s a bat? DIYing sometimes requires a bit of sewing skills. For this costume, find a black hoodie, and black and white t-shirt. With a few cuts of the t-shirts for wings, ears and teeth and a few passes through the sewing machine your kid will be flying into the night. 

Pretty Princess/flower girl

One year my daughter wanted to go trick or treating in a “beautiful dress.” While we fortunately had a pretty flower girl dress she had worn in a wedding a few months prior, Goodwill is a great place to create a beautiful princess or flower girl costume! Find a sequined dress, add some tights and pretty shoes and a little basket for a flower girl. Or, to go as a princess, add a crown and you’ve got a pretty easy costume for much less than a store bought halloween dress!

When you DIY costumes with the help of your kids, you’re creating memories that last a lifetime! So this year, consider creating a costume from what you find at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. 

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