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DIY + Goodwill = Awesome Storage Hacks

Doing-it-yourself, or DIY, is all the rage, with numerous websites and blogs displaying a world of clever DIY projects. But, where do you find all those cool items to use in your projects?


Ohio Valley Goodwill to the rescue! On any given day, you can score a fabulous find that can be converted into a storage idea. Check out these fun and functional storage solutions you can DIY with help from Goodwill:


For the kitchen

Clear off counters by hanging baskets under upper cabinets for veggie and fruit storage.

Wicker basket rectangle

Limited cabinet space? Store frequently used cooking items like oil, vinegars and favorite seasonings in a flat basket on the counter. Use chalk paint to label mason jar lids for spices, seeds or nuts. Store upright in a drawer.


Tall baskets make racks and cutting boards easily accessible. Organize food in the fridge with clear plastic tubs.

For the bathroom

Use a vertical spice rack to serve as a compact wall cabinet for your lotion, makeup, or skincare products.

Scatter decorative baskets or glass containers on the bathroom counter, or intermix with a few picture frames. Or perhaps you’ll find a vintage vase to store toiletry items.

two wicker baskets

Take the doors off under sink storage and hold items in wicker baskets of various sizes for a contemporary look. Wire baskets are great for storing large items like hair dryers and straightening irons.


For the kids room

Turn a wooden bookshelf on its side and insert crates for toy storage. Place pillows on top for extra seating.

children's books

Transform an old coffee table into a play table for your children! Simply tuck baskets under the table and fill them with small toys or arts and crafts items underneath. Put tiny items in clear bins.


Turn fabric cubes into book storage and extra seating. Create instant shelving with wooden boxes attached to walls. Paint or wallpaper them for a fun visual effect.

For the utility room

Place cookie trays in the mudroom to store boots and shoes, and keep mud and dirt off the floor! Hang scissors, rolls of tape or hosiery bags on a mug tree holder.


Crafty? Keep thread handy by hammering nails into a vintage frame and placing spools over the nails.

plastic shelves

Sort laundry into wire baskets. Store shoes in stackable plastic boxes.


For the garage

Flip a filing cabinet on its side, remove drawers, it’s perfect now for shovels, rakes and brooms.  


Mason jars are perfect for storing nails, nuts, bolts, drill bits, picture hangers, paint brushes and more. An over the door shoe organizer can easily hold spray paint cans.


Hang plastic storage buckets on hooks in the garage. Bonus, now it’s easy to transport items.

Store garden tools in an old golf bag.  


Wow! Did you know that everything bolded above can probably be found at your local Goodwill store? Not only can you save money by shopping at Goodwill, but you will also have the pleasure of knowing you’re helping Ohio Valley Goodwill provide job training and employment services for individuals with disabilities right here in your community. Find your nearest store or shop online to look for great Goodwill finds from the comfort of your home.