Danny Crews Success Story

Danny Crews

Danny Crews is a kind and polite young man who has worked with Goodwill for many years.Danny always brings a smile to everyone’s face that he meets. Two and half years ago Danny secured a job working for the Kroger Marketplace in Oakley.

Danny has worked for The Kroger Company for two and one half years after initially obtaining his job in 2015. Danny has worked in two separate departments and has gained lots of knowledge about how his company operates. He loves to talk about his job any chance he gets and still calls his Goodwill Employment Specialist regularly to review new and interesting tasks he is still learnin

Danny is a model Kroger employee who assists customers daily while taking the time to learn names and faces. People come back in and wait for him to have him help them find something. Danny has always been a positive and charming young man but after landing this job his
confidence and feeling of accomplishment has increased significantly. Danny had help in obtaining his current job through Goodwill’s Employment Services team as well as support from his home staff. Danny says that he couldn’t have been so successful without all of the help he has received and is thankful he has such a great team. Danny appreciates the coaching support he receives and enjoys working with his current Goodwill Job Coach Larry Evans.

Prior to finding his job at Kroger, Danny was feeling he needed something more in order to feel a sense of accomplishment. Danny has always been a very positive individual but since obtaining his job he will tell everyone how thankful he is to be working and to feel needed in the community. Danny loves his job and enjoys talking about what he is doing each week.

“I really like trying to figure out which items go where. You see I have to come in early and put the items on the shelf and every day I am finding new things. It’s fun sometimes, but other times it’s hard. I like doing it anyway. I also like it when customers come up to me and we talk and smile and I help them find items I just put away.”

“I didn’t think I was going to get my job because of my disability. The managers there sure were nice and helped me a lot. After my Employment Specialist told me I got the job I was very excited and couldn’t wait to work. Now I feel proud of working at Kroger’s and tell all my friends at Goodwill about my job.”

Ohio Valley Goodwill Congratulates Danny Crews on his employment success!