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Clean & Cozy: 3 Ways to Prep Your Home for Fall

Believe it or not, fall is upon us! The vivid green grass and blue sky of summer have transitioned into the earthy tones of Autumn, and for most people, the urge to get snug as a bug at home starts to settle in.

If you’re feeling the need to up your home’s cozy factor ahead of the changing seasons, look no further than Ohio Valley Goodwill! We’ve gathered three easy tips to help you prep your home for fall like a pro:

Start with a Clean Slate

The first step in prepping your home for fall is to clear out the clutter. Adding comfy touches to a chaotic home can increase stress levels, and that’s the opposite of what we’re going for. Instead, donate what you don’t need to Goodwill!

Donate to Goodwill
Donate to Goodwill

Set aside some time to go room to room sorting through the places that typically collect unwanted or unused items, such as closets, corners, and storage bins. As you’re decluttering, decide which items you’ll need to throw out and which items can be donated to Goodwill. Before you start purging, take a look at this list of items you can donate to Goodwill in Cincinnati and find the Donation Center nearest you.

Add Layers of Cozy

Next, bring a feeling of warmth into your space — it’s as simple as adding layers! For fall, look for chunky throw blankets in earthy colors. These can either be tossed over furniture, curled into woven baskets, or neatly folded over a blanket ladder. These warm additions will make anyone want to relax and cuddle up for a bowl of chili and a football game!

Similar to blankets, switching out throw pillows is another simple step to dial up the comfy factor! Shop at Goodwill for pillows in neutral yellows, oranges, and browns. We also have a great selection of wall art and fun signs to welcome Autumn into your home!

Fall Family Fun

Finally, the crisp fall air often means more evenings inside with friends and family. Keep them entertained by stocking up on books and board games! Take a look at your nearest Goodwill thrift store (it’s a great place to find books and games without overspending), then display your collection in a shared living space. Setting out an array of entertainment options in view of your guests might spark some quality time together.

Board games from Goodwill
Board games from Goodwill

With these tips, you’ll be comfy, cozy, and ready to entertain at a moment’s notice this fall. Be sure to share your fall finds with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — we love to see how you decorate your space!