Cincinnati Cyclones Visit Ohio Valley Goodwill!

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Center for Advocacy, Recreation and Education (CARE) program was pleased to welcome Cincinnati Cyclones players Arvin Atwal #20 and Brady Vail #27 to the organization’s corporate headquarters on January 31st for a meet and greet and autograph session with program participants. The visit was facilitated by Shelley Harris, Community Integration Site Developer, for the CARE program. As part of the personal enrichment program, CARE participants enjoy more than 20 outings weekly and one of the favorites is to watch the Cyclones play and practice. The players in turn wanted a chance to come out and meet their fans and explain more about the game of hockey. One of the program participants actually got to try on some of the equipment and loved it!

The Cyclones visit also attracted a lot of fans who participate in the work training programs at Goodwill as well as staff members. Everyone enjoyed the chance to learn more about the Cyclones and meet the players.  The Cyclones have also committed to offering games that are designed to welcome fans with noise sensitivity issues and have tailored their games to make sure they are fully accessible for all hockey fans. All interested fans received a personalized autograph from both players before leaving the Meet and Greet event.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is very grateful to the Cincinnati Cyclones, Brady Vail and Arvin Atwal as well as their equipment manager, Corey,  for coming to visit Goodwill and meeting with their enthusiastic fans. for game schedules and tickets to watch the Cincinnati Cyclones.

Brady Vail, Lois Kramer, Shelley Harris, Arvin Atwal and Michael Flannery