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Business Development: Grow Baby, Grow!

home-callout-partnershipAfter a decade of volatile economic conditions, businesses across America are seeing the value of a flexible workforce. Outsourcing labor gives business owners complete control over their labor force, while reducing overhead costs. Ohio Valley Goodwill has helped businesses in a variety of industries across Ohio outsource the labor needs and reduce costs through employee outsourcing.

Ohio Valley Goodwill Goodwill keeps companies competitive by offering low-cost workforce options coupled with warehouse space and the added benefit of employing highly qualified individuals with disabilities. Unlike other employment services and outsourcing firms in Ohio, Ohio Valley Goodwill is a non-profit organization. Our goal is to forge relationships between employers in Ohio, Indiana and Northern Kentucky and the individuals we serve. By working with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s business development team, businesses in industries from advertising to banking to automotive and injection mold manufacturing have streamlined their lead times and reduced inventories.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is more than just an outsourcing services provider for Cincinnati and the Ohio Valley, we are a strategic partner for businesses looking to grow. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s business development services are a rare business opportunity: the chance to make an impact on the community and the bottom line at the same time.

This post is the first in a series highlighting Ohio Valley Goodwill’s highly competitive B2B services for business development, facilities management, kitting and fulfillment, and janitorial services. For more information on these programs, visit our B2B services site.