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Back to school must-haves for high school and college students

Bad news: It’s nearing the end of Summer break and students all over the country are headed back to school. The good news is that means it’s time to do back to school clothes shopping!

While some students might be going back to school virtually and others are ready to head into a classroom, one thing remains- students need new fall clothes!

Last week, we talked about shopping for elementary school students. This week, let’s discuss high school and college style. 

If you grew up in the early 2000’s like me, you’ll recognize a lot of today’s fashionable items for students.

Here’s a few trends older students- particularly those who identify as female- should consider for fall. And fortunately, these styles are easy to find at Goodwill! 

  • High waisted denim. You may have heard low rise is coming back, but we’re still seeing lots of high rise denim in all washes and colors. Skinny legged denim is more of an evergreen or classic style now with straight or wider leg being the trend. 
  • High necked tops and tees. The trend in tops these days is definitely more “covered up.” High necklines, turtlenecks and oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts are very popular. If you go for a more cropped style shirt, make sure the neckline is high. 
  • Tuck it in! Speaking of shirts, high school and college students are more likely to tuck the tops in, highlighting the waist.  
  • Oversized and form fitting mixing. This is a more of a classic style with a twist. If your jeans are wide legged, pair it with a tighter top, whether it’s tucked in or cropped. Then top it with an oversized buttoned up shirt. Or, if your top is an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt, wear it with bike shorts or leggings.
  • The shoes. Yes, the larger soled, bulky sneakers are still in. But so are a more sleek sneaker, though nothing in-between the two unless it’s specifically for working out. As far as sandals, bulky birkenstock-esque styles are in. Small and strappy are not.  As far as boots, black lace ups are a good match to your high waisted jeans and tucked in top.
  • Sustainable shopping. Students today realize the importance of taking care of the earth. Sustainable, eco conscious style is extremely popular. Shopping at Ohio Valley Goodwill is key for budget friendly, thrifty shopping!

While back to school may look a little different this year for some, you will still find a great deal at Ohio Valley Goodwill! You can stock up on basics to wear whether you’re in the classroom or sitting in front of your computer. We’re all in this together – we might as well look good!

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