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Avoid a Thrift Fail! 6 Spooks for Goodwill Thrifters

There are two types of thrifters in this world: The casual thrifter and the SERIOUS thrifter. We’re talking savvy thrifters who’ve mixed up the right potion for finding the best deals and avoiding the scary prices you see in traditional retail stores.

This Halloween, we’re unmasking all the tricks so you can find the treats! Here are six spooks to avoid when thrifting at Ohio Valley Goodwill:

Spook #1: No List, No Focus. Shopping at a Goodwill thrift store without a list can leave you feeling in the dark. There are so many items to choose from that you might find yourself lumbering down the aisles like a zombie. Before you leave for your nearest Goodwill store in Cincinnati, make a list of the items you need. That way, you’ll keep your focus!

Spook #2: Shopping Saturdays. Okay, so the truth is that shopping Saturdays isn’t really all that scary. But many Goodwill thrift stores do get busier on the weekends. If you’d rather sweep the aisles before the rush, shop during the week! Better yet, visit your nearest Goodwill store as often as you can, because our inventory is constantly changing!

Spook #3: No Quality Check. To ensure you’re getting the best clothing your local Goodwill store has to offer, look for signs of quality such as lining in jackets, natural materials such as silk and wool, and embroidered labels instead of printed. Odds are that you’ll find cart-fulls of high-quality items at Goodwill, including brand-name designers and clothing in new-with-tags condition!

Spook #4: Suffering from the Stain Screams. Never wonder if a stain is permanent again! Serious thrifters bring along a stain stick to quickly test whether any stains or markings will come out with a little TLC. This way, you can score great items that others might avoid because of a small blemish.

Spook #5: Staying Off the Web. This web is anything but creepy crawly! If you’re not following Ohio Valley Goodwill on Facebook, you’re missing out on news about special items we get in stock, discounts, and even upcoming events. (Bonus tip: You can even shop online for some items!)

Spook #6: Icky Indecision. Finally, don’t let yourself hesitate too long on a purchase at Goodwill! If you think you might want an item, just go ahead and get it, because it might not be there when you come back. If you decide it’s not what you wanted after all, you can always donate it back to benefit your community.

If you avoid these thrifting fails this Halloween, you’ll never fear missing out on a deal again! Create your shopping list, find the Cincinnati Goodwill thrift stores near you, and start haunting the aisles.