Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries
Serving Greater Cincinnati

An Assembly Service in Cincinnati You Can Trust

There are many companies that claim to provide quality assembly services in Cincinnati. How can a business owner know which ones are trustworthy? One of the best ways to determine an assembly company’s priorities, as with many tough questions, is to “follow the money.”

The typical assembly company in Cincinnati serves only one master, the almighty Bottom Line. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s assembly services, however, exist to make Cincinnati a more just place to live for individuals with disabilities. Our clients know they can trust us because we are a non-profit organization. We have no need to cut corners or boost margins. So long as our clients are pleased with our services (and they always are) then we can continue to hit the targets for our bottom line — the increasing number of individuals we can serve in Cincinnati. You don’t need management advice from Woodward and Bernstein to see which business model is more likely to treat your business as a partnership, and which is more likely to see it as a mere money-making opportunity.

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s assembly service has worked with many great Cincinnati companies, and their feedback shows the quality of our work. Plus, when you support our mission, your business

makes a positive impact on Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Partnering with Goodwill for assembly services in Cincinnati will give your business the opportunity to benefit the community and your bottom line.

Trust us, you will be glad you did.