Allison is Spreading Goodwill in the Community!

Allison Woods sorting clothes at the Hamilton Store

Allison Woods loved the idea of community employment and going to work each day. She had already proven herself a dedicated and hard worker through past employers. Allison reached out to Goodwill looking for assistance in finding a job that would fit her wants and needs.

Allison was looking at making a fresh start in the job market. Allison had lots of experience and training but lacked a job that would fit her needs just right.  In working closely with Ohio Valley Goodwill’s own Placement Specialist Kelsey Holbrock, Allison was able to discover a job site that would work with her to help find all of the jobs she was good at. No one would have thought when the process started that it would be at Goodwill’s own new retail store in Hamilton!

Allison’s successful placement assisted by Placement Specialist Kelsey was supported by her Job Coach’s Jonathan Laverty and Ashley Chouteau. Jon and Ashely have been delighted to see Allison grow in her job and become independent in at her job. Their combined thoughtful and ongoing coaching implementations have helped Allison to become very successful at her job.

Allison is very grateful to all the training and supports she has had in the past but claims nothing is as nice as working at her Goodwill Retail Store. Allison looks forward to working each day and gladly accepts all tasks assigned from co -workers. Allison has developed friends and supports at work that help her often. She loves to sort clothes and be out with her co-workers in the store.  She is often found smiling and helping customers find items in the store or assisting near the fitting rooms. These are tasks that used to scare her but now she looks for opportunities to perform them daily. A new confidence has emerged as her parents report she has had major improvements around the home.

“My Life has been great and a lot more positive. I someday want a place of my own so working hard now to get my independence feels so great! I enjoy spending the money I make on cooking supplies because I like to cook. That’s a fun interest of mine but my favorite thing is that everyone here I work with is really nice and I really love my job coaches Jon and Ashley! I would like to thank the store for hiring me and to fellow employees Ryan, Tabitha and Catherine for continuing to train me and show me new things as my job coaches fade. I do so love this job and it is truly the best one I have ever had!”

*The picture shown is Allison pricing and hanging items at our Goodwill store in Hamilton. Customers love to see her smiling face daily and she has become a regular favorite of many. We congratulate and give our appreciation to Allison on her personal success!